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March 06 2014


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January 21 2014


Why Your Refrigerator Could Be The Next Hacking Target

Proofpoint , an electronic security company, has found that some 750,000 emails have been spammed out to interactive devices other than computers, including apparently an icebox (OK, a high-powered icebox that probably has a built-in water filtration system and a fast-chill setting for white wine, but an icebox just the same). The spams were sent out starting in December typically around 100,000 at a time, according to Geek.com. Its a serious security issue that may ultimately require periodic software updates for all manner of electronic devices. The problem is that most of us have enough trouble remembering to update our computers, much less our refrigerators, Geek.com says. But ignoring the reality is hardly the solution: After all, a fridge thats infected by spam may be a fridge that lets all your milk turn bad. Even worse: In our brave new world of hyper-connectivity, a bug could possibly spread from your fridge to your laptop to your phone. In other words, a software virus is the gift that keeps on giving.
More http://blogs.marketwatch.com/themargin/2014/01/20/why-your-refrigerator-could-be-the-next-hacking-target/

October 29 2013


welcome to my web blog

welcome to my online blog
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